Friday, March 21, 2008

Cause and Effect

Choices are supposed to be a good thing. Inherently, however, there are consequences which very often contain a very large negative aspect if the choice was a poor one. Freedom to choose isn't always available and quite often people fight very very hard for that choice but upon receiving it they can no longer blame others for their restrictions and short comings but merely themselves.

This is seen on a larger scale with things like democracy or fighting for free speech etc. but really and truly almost every person goes through this as they shift from being under their parent's control to making their own decisions. Some are easy; like choosing your own diet or deciding what to do with your evenings but some aren't. Like what kind of car to buy or where to buy land or at what age should you start building your house. When your parents restrict your relationships then you can always say "I'm not committing til I can control *insert seemingly random variable here*" but when the commitment level is your own choice then its something different. When the pacing and direction of the relationship are dictated (in part) by your decisions regarding work, how you spend your money and even how you spend your time.

Then its really different.

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