Monday, March 17, 2008

Randomness and Ranting

I still find myself with a propensity to dislike those who think they are cooler than the rest of the world and as a result can behave as they feel like. Yes that was a general statement without context but I feel it serves better this way.

Here trying to do some work on Shari's PC which is gasping for air and bleeding left right and center but holding on some how.

I really should just write the blog and then come up with the title as so often something comes to the fore in the middle of the blog not in the slightest related to the original title or first 2 or even 3 paragraphs.

Capitalism, I've written about it before and quite frankly that was a general overview and I feel to pick on the music industry. They have persecuted so called 'pirates' for months without denting the user base of 'illegally' downloaded music. I think the base issue is that people want to be very very rich for very little work. You want to produce 12 songs, record them to album and then live off it? Bull. Shit.

I can't even say that full fledged because the artists themselves don't make that much money off the album sales. They make it from performances so its the labels who try to profit from nothing, album distribution may have been a necessary and very profitable practice in the past but with the advent of the internet the true is that those big distributors and slower, less flexible and less sensible everyday. Just like the oil industry however a change is difficult, risky and unnecessary so long as they can keep the artists and consumers on short leashes.

I think two things need to happen:
1. The distributors need to go.
2. Albums need to go.

Albums are another constraint on the industry that, by nature, binds the artists in terms of timeline for releasing music and distribution. Selling an album is a task.

Now iTunes and all of its ugly step children are putting pressure on the industry but in the final analysis the cost of distribution can be very close to 0 and the value from passing this cost onto the consumer is a greater focus on quality and attracting listeners.

If music is free then I'm free to choose who I listen to and then I'm inclined to go out and see these people perform and I'll pay to see them perform. Even if I paid a fee of $20 a month for direct downloads of music that were easily searched and cross-referenced and got the songs for free that is fine because I'd be paying for the service but as long as the Monolithic corporations control things this change will almost never come to pass.

The transition from profit maximization and piss poor customer satisfaction to value oriented companies is happening everyday. Even today Cisco came and presented a new service which is more value focused than "how best can we all buy yachts while keeping the share holders happy". The people in suits just don't get it.

I love Shari but Lord the child is loopy.

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