Thursday, May 15, 2008

Racist? They aren't racist...just...confused?

How I DO love Television interviews. Its just something about that camera light shining in the face of the interviewee and the stupid things they say in public that makes me break out laughing.

Take the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, was watching it last night and lo and behold they show some interviews with voters from West Virginia. Now I know that a few interviews don't constitute the entire state but this is a place where I saw the reports on CNN, on FOX (yes I do watch it for a good laugh) and ABC talk about how race is somewhat of an issue. 22% of Voters in the CNN exit pole said race was an issue but the comments I saw last night were golden

Edit: Here is that video, the embed wasn't working so I had to link off site.

One Lady said, referring to Obama's middle name Hussien, "I've had enough of Hussien". Another said "He's Muslim and that has alot to do with it" (hint: he isn't) and the other lady said "He's from the other race and I'm scared of the other race because we have so much conflict with them"...Conflict? What conflict? I thought you had stopped beating African Americans and hosing them down in the streets. Anyway you can go here to the daily show's web site and look for "Indecision 08 - West Virigina".


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