Saturday, April 19, 2008

Facebook Saga

What I loved about Facebook were all the options and control mechanisms in place, a control freak is happily part of my nature on the internet. Now I'm noticing (not saying it wasn't done before) they are easing in 'features' without the pre-amble or the control. Like "Social Ads" which is on be default and allows the use of your profile. I guess as a part of the whole "Fan Of" feature.

If you check the privacy page ever so often you notice these changes and and move accordingly. From the very beginning thats kinda how its been I joined liked how much it tied you to a group of people but along the way you add a few people you don't really talk to and you get a few too many alerts. I'll freely admit its easy to get sucked right in, especially in the early phase. So I disabled most of the alerts and removed people who I couldn't justify being on of my 'friends'. Here is an option I would love, adding people as acquaintances! So not only do they get your limited profile but your perception of your relationship with them is never misconceived.

Now comes along 'People you may know', if there is a way to disable it the instructions are probably sitting next the Holy Grail and written on the President's Book on page 34 (National Treasure 2 reference...wikipedia it....or watch the right now...I'll wait)
(How was it?...did you see the ending? SHAMELESS lead in for another Movie)
Point even though my activity in Facebook hasn't increased I'm on it more often, check the comments on pics and people's notes and the wall to walls cuz I'm not home. Since I'm not at any limes etc. to hear the cross talk I'm fairly out to sea and its a kinda refreshing. When I'm having my breakfast and every other morning or so I read it and I don't like seeing people who I don't recognize or don't even like during my morning meal.

Petty, yes I know, but I've been spoilt for choices so far and now they put something in my face which is a clear attempt to try to suck me in further with no way to say no thanks and no more?

At least it gave me something to rant about at 1am after some reading and a meal I wanted to let settle before bed.

*YAAAAAWN* yeah, and with that I'm gone.

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