Friday, April 18, 2008

Final Fantasy: Supermarket Crisis

You can tell you've been playing too much Final Fantasy when you envisage your shopping list to be akin to an item list before a large dungeon (the next week). Pondering if is feasible to put +5 Vitamin A next to the low fat milk and using that as grounds to justify the price over the regular milk. Plotting carefully to avoid the deadly trap of buying too much and not leaving yourself a sufficient financial cushion should you need to back track and resupply, with different items, part way through the mission.

I'm going to go sleep for a bit, I think I need it.


justin said...

Thats pretty disturbing. Good thing you were not playing Hitman or Metal Gear Solid. You would be thinking that your workplace is the objective and your boss is the target.

Majatt said...

LOL, good thing indeed.