Saturday, April 19, 2008


Here is a totally hypothetical scenario.

What if there was a country called The Combined States of Freedom (CSF) and they were a world super power. They had Oil, lots of land and a strong socio-political presence on the world stage. Now lets say there is another are called the Central Eastern Provinces...the Centre East. Anyway lets toss in one more group of countries lets call it them the Union.

Now if the CSF had attacked provinces in the Central East under the Banner of a pre-emtive strike seeing the CEP as a threat the freedom of the people of the CSF and as a result affected economies all over the world. And locally they were infringing on people's rights and passing law after law that stepped towards a totalitarian rule.

What would the CSF's defense, from a moral stand point, if the Union was to attack them saying their practices and actions have harmed their economy and are a threat to the freedom of their nations...

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