Thursday, April 10, 2008

If I had private jet and 2 shotguns....

I swear everytime I go to a new barber I have a new reason to hate satan's handymen. Why is that so few barbers can take simple instructions? HMM???

Furthermore I'd like all of machine wielding hell-born from JA to stay there! I never get my neck wring bout so much in my whole life! The man drag the machine cross my face like he was cutting cuss cuss grass wid de same hair cutting machine and REALLY wanted to get that grass off. He stick me in my eye no less than twice with the 'soft' brush, jook it in my mouth once and was more beating the hair off my face than brushing.

This man start cutting on my head going forward, he mad? This is not 1982, by now barbers should know if you cut hair forward to start the hair will go in the persons face and if its the first stroke that is no small amount of hair either. When done my man spray me wid in de FACE with the alcohol wid no warning I barely shut my eye in time and call me picky buy I would have preferred if he asked and if I could've had it done with a piece of cloth rather than having alcohol sprayed on my FACE as in, eyes, nose, mouth he ain't miss NUTTIN.

I mighta been a bit more calm, not really, if he hadn't asked me TWICE if to SHAVE my beard. To make it worse I replied TWICE NO do NOT shave my beard just TRIM it. The idiot still shave my beard, as Shari pointed out the last time my beard was cut into a goatee or anthing resembling was April of 2006!

To cap it ALL off, I ask de stupid man for directions to the Gym and he send me the WRONG DIRECTION.

I thank ye Lord for providing me the strength to give him the $8US and leave with some measure of calm before letting it boil over in the car ride home.

Oh, and on a side note, when I got to the Gym and asked the price of some resistance bands...the cashier didn't know. The price was not on the shelf nor could she find them in the 'system' i.e. a highlight spreadsheet.

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