Saturday, April 5, 2008


I went out in Anguilla! Yes, I did, what an experience and the only thing I regret was not having m camera, which means no pictures. The place was alot like Jumbies (formerly known as Jamrock) its wooden. The Bar and Bathroom are to one side and the live band is down in the back, which means there are a crap load of people between you and they bar pretending hey know how to dance.

I went with a work mate of some of their friends and the vibe was relaxed, the live band was doing reggae mixes to alot of Pop and R&B singles (Too Late, You're Beautiful etc.). All in all it wasn't a bad night out, however I feel I must point out that this place was purportedly one of the hot spots on the island and it was a luke warm reggae vibe. Not quite what I'm used to, I'm still kinda waiting to hear (8)Soca in me vein Soca in Bloooood and seeing some bashy tings in short pants doing dixie.
Thankfully I set my expectations very very low so I wasn't disappointed.

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