Saturday, May 10, 2008

You? Me? Wii?

Yeah, so I got Nintendo Wii. Long time coming, I've been trying to get one for a while and now I have one and I'm really pleased. I'm not one that is just trying to hop on the train I'm a conservative buyer when it comes to games and until the games I want to play are out I don't move.

So the first, and until I rinse it out, game I got was Super Smash Bros Brawl. This game immediately underscores everything I love and hate about the console.

The online is so horribly botched that it makes me slightly sick every time I sign into the online service. So here goes, instead of a unique name that identifies my console I get a long friend code. Ok fine so I add other Wiis and they get notified...hold it You mean we each have to know each other's code before hand? *sigh* OK fine, so we've added each other now we can play online right?

Nope, all that does is allow the Wii's to trade messages and some other data. FINE so how do I get to play? WHAT?!?! I didn't have to trade wii codes because there is ANOTHER code for EACH game? So...can I see, from my Wii, what games my friends are playing? No..

So at least I can play random matches online right? Like some 7 Stock now item brawls? NO!?!?!? All I can play is 2 minute 2v2 or 1x4 matches? *SIGH* Ok FINE I'll play. What do you mean its regional and I'm not in the US? You know what? I'll just stay offline thanks.

And to wrap up, Brawl is a dumbed down version of Melee with a GREAT roster.

I'm not ecstatic but I'm happy, now I've got my bearings there should be no more unpleasant surprises. Wii sports is MAD fun tho :D.

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