Monday, June 9, 2008

Hilary Drops Out

So Hilary R. Clinton has finally admitted defeat and anyone who doesn't think that is amazing needs to see the footage of Terry McAullife on the Daily Show on June 3rd when he was ranting about Hilary winning when the Super Delegates were really coming out for Obama.

Regardless, she did it and now lots of people that wanted her to win want her to be the VP.

This is my take, alot of the people that voted for Hilary, particularly the ones that said the will vote McCain over Obama, are silly. Hilary and Obama were nearly identical on issues so for them to bypass that and go to voting McCain shows a clear lack of judgment. Adding Hilary to the ticket will just add those that don't want to vote for her for and will just not vote come November, and it will also give the McCain more targets to aim at.

I just think her as VP is too distracting for the guy and her + Bill will be a headache even if he does manage to win in November.

At least she bowed out though, this could've been alot uglier.

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