Monday, June 9, 2008

Deal, or No Deal?

I LOVE Deal or No Deal and this comes from someone who generally things game shows are stupid and wishes reality TV would go back where it came from and Scifi could have like 3 or 4 channels just so I could swap between episodes of Stargate.

Deal or no deal is fun to watch for one simple reason, its the closest thing you will ever get to "Ha Ha your poor!" a game show envisioned by a comedian on Comedy Central where the Contestants bet their own money and no one leaves until someone is poor! The thing is that they choose the most animated people that act so excited about everything that when they eliminate the million dollar briefcase I can't help but fall off my chair lauging as they (a) meltdown and continue choosing cases in hopes of winning big still while destroying their chances or (b) TRY to act excited when they win $40K when they had $200k on the board the round before.

The last episode I watched had a guy who came from humble beginnings and his wife to be and best friend as supporters. The best friend, on every round, is like "GO For it bro" meanwhile the chica is like "Deal, we can buy a house and get married". When the dude says no deal to $212K his lady is ready to eat him for lunch, and believe me she probably could, and then when he opens the case and the prize money drops to 189K his girlfriend is visibly pissed but his best friend is still like GO FOR IT MAN. Me? I'm on the floor splitting my side that he is even considering opening another case.

At this point I'm dying laughing but they add something to the deal and he comes to his senses and says deal. Turns out he was holding the $300 case...lucky him eh? Was still funny to watch, but not as funny as the guy that won $10 then got a second chance and won $400.

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