Monday, March 31, 2008

Rice and FIsh

The water stayed off for quite some time but that issue, thankfully, is now resolved. I did however try my hand at cooking rice and baking some pre-seasoned fish. Pics below as evidence.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Camera or Cable? Do I care?

So I've moved upstairs into the new apartment and I feel alot more comfortable, it is just so much cleaner (props tot he previous tenant). So today was a fairly productive day, got some wacky calls which tested me but now that I've gotten through them I feel alot more comfortable and confident.

After moving up, I whipped out the old Olympus DigiCam and took some pics, I remember when I thought the flash was super fast, but now it feels like ages between photos. Whats more I plugged it into my PC and the PC refuses to see the mem card on it and I don't have a card reader for XD cards.

I wanted a new camera but now I'm sure I'm getting one, its just when. The issue with the PC could be the cable since it also is used for my MP3 player and that too is having probs connecting to the PC but 3.2MP, slow ass flash, no optical zoom and XD picture cards...I want a new one.

If you haven't guessed no, no new pics.

Temp Apt Pics

Link to the pics of the short stay apartment, pics of the perm one to follow later.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ready for the final move

The other guy leaves tomorrow which means as of about 2pm tomorrow I'm on my own in Anguilla and will be changing apartments. Not very exciting but at least I'll be able to settle right in since where I will be shall be my location for the next 3 months.

I feel alot better now, the medication works quite well if not leaving me a bit light headed. I've also discovered that Vodka is obscenely cheap here so I'll try to smuggle bottles back during my stay, lol.

Hopefully I'll be able to put up some pics tomorrow.

Day 4 - Finding a Rythym

So I'm pretty much settled in for now; I'll be uprooted one more time when I move over to the other apartment but that is no big deal I should think. I've gotten my tour of the island and a tour of the office so things are a bit more familiar to me and I was planning on going over to St. Marteen today but I'll hold that off til next weekend to facilitate the move to the other apartment.

I've already found myself busy with a few things; blogging of course has come back to full force, some ideas I always wanted to flesh out and now I have some time and studying is picking back up but I'm not into the zone yet. I also want to start back with morning resistance training, maybe I'll join a job for a 2 month or maybe not. I would like to get back into running but we will see.

One thing about here though is you really appreciate the value of water. In BIM its kinda like whatever, oh I've got a leaking pipe I'll fix that in the morning. Here its like "my pipe is leaking I need to get this fixed now!". In Barbados I would have drink a glass of water and pour the rest down the drain but now I buy my drinking water so wasting a drop is out of the question. In this respect its been a bit of an eye opener.

Anyway back to work.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Ok, I'm done being negative in any form or fashion.

So yesterday I had a dull chest pain all day, I checked the net and the typical cause was heartburn and I knew my Father had that issue alot and he always talked about it so I figured it was just my turn.

I bared with it through the day and bought some anti-acid, got home had some dinner and took that anti-acid. The only problem was I still didn't feel any better. Then I tried to go to bed, all of a sudden the dull pain is far stronger and breathing is hurting like crazy. No time for games and I went to the Hospital. Which was ok ya know the nurse was nice enough and I was the only person in the waiting room then 1 other family joined me.

The doctor was cool enough and they gave me some medication to take that night and prescription to be filled the next day, which I did this morning. I'm just glad I'm ok, and I'm here to enjoy another day.

Overall however I'm pretty bummed about my health of recent, breathing problems and the super back spasm. The flu knocked me clean off my feet, things will get better soon thought I'm sure.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Had a crab meat sub, it was wonderful...simply wonderful. The warm toasted bread and sweet crab meat made my day.

Day 3

It dawns on me, as morning breaks, that someone up there is just having a laugh. Woke up this morning sweating, which makes no sense I'm sleeping with the ceiling fan on...wait...its off? Odd...oh well I'll just turn on the bathroom light and get my morning started *flick* light. Wait, no Power? Surely you jest, I'm almost afraid to wake up tomorrow.

Anyway, power came back on a little while ago, good thing I ironed my clothes last night, so I'm going to stop complaining and finish getting ready.

I can't wait to get into the supermarket later today.

Monday, March 24, 2008

No Water? (Day 2)

I woke to find the water in the house off and thought myself fortunate to have some bottles of water (of unknown age) that I could boil. What is this? I don't have any bottle gas left? How shocking, at least I can get on the Internet isn't working. I could chat on MSN but I couldn't surf, what the hell is going on? Tried to use the TBB DNS to see if that would resolve the issue, no dice now I can't get back onto Messenger.

All I've got to eat is that horrid Chinese food in the fridge and now I've got nothing to force it down my throat with.

After the stop over in Antigua, the delayed flight and the annoying child who kicked by chair from every angle up until his biscuit crumb riddled younger brother walked up to me like I was his long last father. I figured maybe, just maybe today would have been an ok day by contrast clearly someone has set out to prove me wrong.

I want to go back home.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Trip to Anguilla (Day 1)

So the Liat Flight 754 was on time, it boarded quite quickly and the flight was bearable. Lots of turbulence but the landing was pretty smooth. I even had a human being sitting next to me on the flight with whom I could conduct an intelligent conversation.

All was well until I landed in Antigua. I was supposed to get on 314 to St. Kitts and then onto Anguilla on 128 but upon arriving in Antigua the gentleman told me I had been switched to a direct flight. "GREAT!" I thought, this is just getting better; until I arrived at the in-transit desk and found that the lady seemed perplexed by me getting a direct flight to Anguilla. "Oh!" she exclaimed, as she proceeded to explain the flight to Anguilla was in the evening and I wouldn't be arriving until 7pm tonight.

At least there is free wifi and I got a voucher for some free food.