Thursday, November 12, 2009

Skype Video

It lives!! Had video in cheese and not skype but now both!

Using this thread I found that I simply had to remove the .deb install and use a medibuntu version of skype. Of course you have to have the medibuntu repository.

# sudo aptitude remove skype
# sudo apt-get install skype-common

I tried install skype but no juice, worked all the same though.

P.S. adding medibuntu repository from here.
deb karmic free non-free
  • Download the repository key to a folder.
  • Example: The Medibuntu key can be downloaded from
  • Then add the key from:
System -> Administration -> Synaptic Manager -> Settings -> Repositories -> Authentication -> Import Key File...
  • (Alternatively, you can manually add the key from the command line Terminal. See Add Repository keys.)
  • Refresh the package list from the new repository:
Synaptic -> Reload

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