Sunday, June 6, 2010

Joomla/Eclipse Development setup

So, what I thought would be a simple case of setting up a sftp mount through the gui for Eclipse to have access to a remote file system turned out to be not so simple. To get eclipse access to the webserver's directories I had to :

  1. Install sshfs (through the software center for Ubuntu)
  2. Add myself to the fuse group (though I believe this was useless in the end)
  3. Create a dir to mount the sshfs
  4. Backup /etc/fuse.conf (I used bk_fuse.conf)
  5. Remove the # from allow_other_user in fuse.conf
  6. Run: sshfs user@hostname:remote_dir local_dir -o allow_other
    e.g. # sshfs root@ /media/rm_mount_point -o allow_other
  7. Profit

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