Sunday, February 5, 2017

Free Certificate Store

First post in a while, hope to be a bit more regular with stuff I find useful or interesting. 

So a quick one then. As you can see above I've moved over to a domain I was using for email for a while. So the blogs is not but, which I think is a bit simpler and more personal.

Onto the purpose of creating the post! I finally tried to attach a Digital ID onto the email associated with bbwalcotts and with a little struggle you can sign Outlook emails and Excel documents with a few relatively steps (there are over 15 steps embeded in the two below).
  1.  Go here to get a free Comodo certificate but use Internet Explorer. Not Edge, not Chrome etc. IE11 (I'm on Windows 10 so I used Edge at first.). I found this tip here. Follow the instructions and the install should be fine.
  2.  Then you can install the certificate as shown here.
Whole thing should take 10 minutes with any luck and knowing that IE11 is the key to properly installing that certificate.

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