Sunday, February 5, 2017

Scotia and Spreadsheets

I've been a Scotia Bank Barbados customer for a while and I like their AA rewards card. They are by no means perfect and my biggest gripe is the lack of a function that allows an easy export to Excel.

Getting my transactions in a spreadsheet format saves me a lot of time, I use an app/web service to budget and manually entering transactions is a pain. I could complain, and to some people I would, but I figured why not try to come up with a resolution.

So HERE is a spreadsheet that should allow you to just copy the online version of the statement and it will output a clean new sheet with the transactions.

The steps go something like this:
1. Go to the month view (not the 10 day view) in Account Activity of Scotia's Online banking.
2. Select the relevant text and copy. Should look like the image below, don't select titles of the columns just the rows.

3. Open the spreadsheet and go through the notifications.
In the below click Enable Editing.

You can view the certificate if you're so inclined to verify it was created by by bbwalcotts email and click Edit Anyway and then Click Enable Content.

4. Hit "Paste Values from Website". A new spreadsheet should appear with the tidied up values.

5. Close the conversion spreadsheet without saving it so it can be reused.

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