Friday, May 23, 2008

Congrats to Manchester United

Manchester United won the 2008 UEFA Champions League Trophy in nail biting down to the wire fashion. The game wasn't the best mainly due to the field condition, which was wet, slippery and a bit unstable but it was a tremendous game with regards to effort. Hargreaves did his usual work horse routine Lampard was quiet in the first half and then scored a classy equalizer. C. Ronaldo did his bit using his height and pace to get in his goal and it went all the way down to penalties.

Of course there was the Drogba red card that kinda put a dramatic spin on the proceedings and while I agree a red card was deserved I don't understand why Tevez was only given a yellow when he clearly shoved another player, on dead ball and with full intention. He brought the game to stop and allow for the escalation and while I think Vidic was cutting it a bit close as well if your going to be dishing out red cards you can't give the one red and share out yellows.

In the end a penalty shootout always has a cruel end where 1 or 2 players will feel they were directly responsible, in this case it was Terry and to a lesser extent Anelka; very nearly C. Ronaldo.

Man U did play great football all season and the squad has the depth and strength as well as the potential to be a force next year without any major restructuring so I congratulate them.

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