Friday, May 23, 2008

Week 8

Its the 8th Friday I've spent here working and its 5 or 6 left depending on my return date.

The time hasn't passed the way I thought it would and it sure could've been more productive but thus far its been a good experience. Before I arrived here cooking was really a pseudonym for frying or microwaving. The only spices I added to my food were black pepper and salt, usually after the fact. I'm not chef material and there is still quite a bit for me to come to terms with in the kitchen but I know I've got various forms of Pasta down, rice to some extent since the pot I have is too thin and tends to burn the rice at the bottom before it dries out.

Its also changed the way I view my diet, so now I think starch, protein and veg/vitamins. I don't snatch what is necessary the tastiest thing off the shelf but I take my time and look at what I'm going to be shoving down. So by and large its been a positive experience in that respect.

With regards to house keeping I now have a full appreciation and confidence in my ability to keep a house from smelling like hell while living in it. Of course it all comes down to getting certain things into a routine and maneuvering to keep the routine in tact. Laundry day, garbage Days, cleaning days. Of course the place still looks like crap but who's perfect?

I'm alot more mellow, the lack of things to do afforded me time to catch up on my gaming abit and do some studying I needed to do, but not enough of it. The 12 day visit from the other half was also a good experience kinda got to know the things I like/don't like about the living arrangement which presents things that can be worked on and improved.

So 8 Weeks in I know the only things I need to work on are keeping the house looking decent, keeping up my routine and doing more reading.

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