Sunday, March 23, 2008

Trip to Anguilla (Day 1)

So the Liat Flight 754 was on time, it boarded quite quickly and the flight was bearable. Lots of turbulence but the landing was pretty smooth. I even had a human being sitting next to me on the flight with whom I could conduct an intelligent conversation.

All was well until I landed in Antigua. I was supposed to get on 314 to St. Kitts and then onto Anguilla on 128 but upon arriving in Antigua the gentleman told me I had been switched to a direct flight. "GREAT!" I thought, this is just getting better; until I arrived at the in-transit desk and found that the lady seemed perplexed by me getting a direct flight to Anguilla. "Oh!" she exclaimed, as she proceeded to explain the flight to Anguilla was in the evening and I wouldn't be arriving until 7pm tonight.

At least there is free wifi and I got a voucher for some free food.

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