Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day 4 - Finding a Rythym

So I'm pretty much settled in for now; I'll be uprooted one more time when I move over to the other apartment but that is no big deal I should think. I've gotten my tour of the island and a tour of the office so things are a bit more familiar to me and I was planning on going over to St. Marteen today but I'll hold that off til next weekend to facilitate the move to the other apartment.

I've already found myself busy with a few things; blogging of course has come back to full force, some ideas I always wanted to flesh out and now I have some time and studying is picking back up but I'm not into the zone yet. I also want to start back with morning resistance training, maybe I'll join a job for a 2 month or maybe not. I would like to get back into running but we will see.

One thing about here though is you really appreciate the value of water. In BIM its kinda like whatever, oh I've got a leaking pipe I'll fix that in the morning. Here its like "my pipe is leaking I need to get this fixed now!". In Barbados I would have drink a glass of water and pour the rest down the drain but now I buy my drinking water so wasting a drop is out of the question. In this respect its been a bit of an eye opener.

Anyway back to work.

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