Friday, March 28, 2008

Camera or Cable? Do I care?

So I've moved upstairs into the new apartment and I feel alot more comfortable, it is just so much cleaner (props tot he previous tenant). So today was a fairly productive day, got some wacky calls which tested me but now that I've gotten through them I feel alot more comfortable and confident.

After moving up, I whipped out the old Olympus DigiCam and took some pics, I remember when I thought the flash was super fast, but now it feels like ages between photos. Whats more I plugged it into my PC and the PC refuses to see the mem card on it and I don't have a card reader for XD cards.

I wanted a new camera but now I'm sure I'm getting one, its just when. The issue with the PC could be the cable since it also is used for my MP3 player and that too is having probs connecting to the PC but 3.2MP, slow ass flash, no optical zoom and XD picture cards...I want a new one.

If you haven't guessed no, no new pics.

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