Monday, March 24, 2008

No Water? (Day 2)

I woke to find the water in the house off and thought myself fortunate to have some bottles of water (of unknown age) that I could boil. What is this? I don't have any bottle gas left? How shocking, at least I can get on the Internet isn't working. I could chat on MSN but I couldn't surf, what the hell is going on? Tried to use the TBB DNS to see if that would resolve the issue, no dice now I can't get back onto Messenger.

All I've got to eat is that horrid Chinese food in the fridge and now I've got nothing to force it down my throat with.

After the stop over in Antigua, the delayed flight and the annoying child who kicked by chair from every angle up until his biscuit crumb riddled younger brother walked up to me like I was his long last father. I figured maybe, just maybe today would have been an ok day by contrast clearly someone has set out to prove me wrong.

I want to go back home.

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