Friday, January 30, 2009

DropBox etc.

For once I find myself only somewhat excited for anther big google announcement. The 'GDrive' Project is imminent and what it is supposed to mean is data accessible from anywhere the net is available.

Now I love the idea of Cloud Computing, that no matter where I am or what computer I'm on my bookmarks, email, photos and documents are online.

For years the two I've most wanted have eluded me, music and files. Not that there aren't plenty of sites, like, that you can upload your files too or even registering for website to access my files and perhaps stream my music from. What I wanted though was a bit more cultured, I wanted to be able to stream my music straight through the music player on my comp or phone and for files I wanted them available not just online but offline on whatever computer I use.

So the impending GDrive annoucement should tickle my fancy but I've gotten my wish there with DropBox, which allows file syncing across multiple platforms, so when I create a document on my work laptop it is automatically uploaded to the net and when my desktop is turned on it is automatically downloaded. If I make further changes on my desktop to that file the updated file automatically goes out to the web and then automatically gets updated on my laptop.

What is more useful is that if I am away from a designated PC I can log into the web interface and perfrom a one-time download of the file in question and then manually upload. I can even share this folder with other dropbox users. Simple, practical and brilliant. My only compliant is that it is 2GB free or 50GB for $100US a year. I could go for 10GB for 30 or 4oUS but I just don't need 50GB.

With services like iMeem and already available and the Zune music store being an all you can download buffet for $15US a month, its not long before a GPRS/EDGE/3G & Wifi enabled phone/mp3 player gets a service where you pay $X a month can play w/e the service has available on demand completely eliminating the need for exesive storoage on the phone.

Did I mention this thing runs on windows, linux and mac? MADNESS

Anyway, shameless plug

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