Friday, January 9, 2009

Skype Lite (Beta) on Android

Skype on Android? WOW call the dogs and we the fire this hunt is over! This is part of the reason I invested in the Android platform, particularly the G1.

Wait...what's that you say? Doesn't use VOIP directy? Doesn't use data (wifi or gprs/edge/3G) to make calls? Wait, WHAT???? When people skype-to-skype call me it uses MY skype credit?

That is essentially the coversation that went on in my head after downloading and subsequently being very underwhelmed by Skype lite.

How it works? There is a ton of explanations on the web but Skype's is fairly comprehensive and easy to understand (see the "how much does it cost" diagram). Hmm I can't resist the urge to summarize:

Calling is done like iSkoot or Pennytalk, a number is dialed (automatically unlike pennytalk) and then from that number your skype account is used to complete the call. The number is local to one of the regions skype lists, receiving skype-to-skype eats your skype cred and chatting is over data.

Don't get me wrong, if you live in one of the regions that is supported ( United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Brazil (Rio and Sao Paolo), Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Australia and New Zealand) and have alot of bundled minutes (or unlimited local calling) then it is a great service. It even lets you register numbers outside of those regions so skype buddies can use up your credit!

I don't get the feeling they plan on doing this right either otherwise they would've made some attempt in this beta to work out the kinks.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that Fring comes along and does a good job or maybe I'll regret going Android sell my G1 and get a E71 or N97 *shrug*.

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