Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quickoffice for Android?

Jeez, every time I tap market its like Christmas. Today I go pop on, the market can be viewed online at, and there is a new app "QO Test". It had less than 50 downloads and no comments so I said I'd try it later.

I go back on later and see its been rated and has some comments when I glance up that there it is, the devs name is "Quickoffice". For some fairly odd reason they have up an app which doesn't do anything, perhaps they are testing the market functionality in general? I'm not screwing with my phone to find out but if this is legit QO could becoming soon Which is downright awesome, their free version is on my old E-series Nokia and its  works really well.

My fingers are firmly crossed, also read a blog today that said the Cupcake update could come as early as this Friday. I doubt it but I can cross my fingers a bit tighter.

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