Friday, January 2, 2009

The Future of Logins

So I often say "wow, how did people survive before *insert modern amenity*".

Today I re-discovered openid and then facebook connect, two services which seek to give you one online presence but access to multiple sites. In theory this sounds fantastic but immediately a problem arises: I already have a login for most of the major sites I use. Then after checking the list of sites compatible with both services I let out a sigh and gave up on the idea.

Essentially these services are useless, for all the google services I use I have one login and that works well gets me into blogger, gmail, docs etc. and connects the majority of these services to my G1. If the whole web worked like that would a place it would be; rather than signing up for a drop box account I simply add dropbox to my list of services and off I go.

In 5yrs I hope I can look back and ask how I lived with having to remember 20 passwords!

I came out of hibernation just to say this and Happy New Year.

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