Monday, April 14, 2008

Media Control

I saw a video on TV last night that really struck a cord, this guy on youtube was saying his biggest concern about the election is how much the mainstream media controls the process. The guy is spot on, I mean besides the fact that there only a few news distributors for global news (how many articles site Reuters, AFP or AP as the source of their pictures or stories?) the companies that distribute the news own the TV and Radio stations. They own the major websites and they effectively control the vast majority of what we see, hear and read.

His take was focused on the presidential race in the US and how the mass media can pretty much exclude a candidate and remove them from the race. They decide who is popular (who will generate more attention to the media) and push them. They feed off the issues and can blow anything out of proportion and focus on a negative story until a candidate looses momentum.

It goes alot further than that here is a classic example, the story by the BBC which clearly states that
temperatures have not risen globally since 1998
but here is the adjusted article that came out a few days after to replace the original. Now they both say the same thing but the adjusted one puts in a different light, and moves that statement way down near the bottom of the article. Most people will absorb the reasoning that temperatures are on the rise which is in line with all the media putting out. Its also interesting to note that the rise in global temperature in '98 was attributed to el nino. As the person that sent me that info said; that would mean weather systems have a far more adverse effect on temperature than any man made threat.

The thing is night in and night out I see more and more adverts saying that green house gases are raising the temperature but thats just what the mainstream media portrays. Why? I don't know maybe environmental lobbyists I don't really care who it is because I'm glad they are making companies operate cleaner but its being done in an almost brainwashing manner.

What is the scariest part is that the media is never accountable. Look at Barbados, 2 News Papers, 1 TV Station and 3 main Radio Broadcasters. If the Nation, CBC and 98.1 run a story it could as well be fact and if it isn't no one is held accountable. Good journalism requires sources and filters but no matter how factual the base of a story is, using a few words can completely change the context to whatever mandate an editor is given.

The sad thing is that the only solution I can see is for people to pay more attention and be more conscious of what the mainstream feeds them. If Mikey J allegedly touches another kid during a tense period of War in the Middle East and the media pays more attention to that than people dying in a War. People should be able to filter out the subterfuge and focus on whats really there. Vote on whats really there, money on whats relevant and time on what's important.

I guess we're as good as doomed then sigh.


Anonymous said...

Well, it is well known that most people tend to agree with what someone in authority say without giving it much thought. One of the reasons our local news sources will copy verbatim, is because filtering takes time, and time is money.

Besides, who benefits from spin? Who is benefiting from the war in Iraq? It would be cynical to say the Iraqis are. Who benefits from a worldwide carbon tax? Most likely we won't. Take a look at this from the Nation's archives Cervical Cancer shots on the cards
Then if you go into the FDA's press release, what that vaccine is targeting (HPV), is not the cause of cervical cancer.

Who is benefits? Back in the 50s it was said that approximately 20% of the public is easily suggestible, with 60% being moderately suggestible. Those percentages might have reversed back then.

Who controls the media controls the minds of the receptors of it. Why is Fox News even allowed to be on the air?? This video gives you a good take on how they 'spin' things.

Mass Mind Control Through Network Television - Are Your Thoughts Your Own?

Majatt said...

Thats the whole issue with aggressive capitalism, there is a cycle of money above the middle class and that money seldom drops out of the loop into the lower social brackets. Those with money control the media and get people to spend their money on their products and ideas that take money from the middle and lower bracket and put them into that loop at the top.

Look at predictive programming, an idea which was foreign to me a few months ago but makes perfect sense now. When you see a phone that sings and dances in a movie and then a year later that phone comes out and costs the deposit on a car people rush to buy it. If we ever do get flying cars people will rush because programming has put it in their head (true or false) that its safe and will be a great idea.

Again, and sadly, it just takes people being aware.