Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Well Played Barcelona

Manchester United 1 : 0 Barcelona - Aggregate Score.

No complaints, both matches were a joy to watch Messi and Ronaldo never got off and Scholes in the end did what was necessary. Barca made a mistake and they capitalized, it was still a brave showing but Rijkaard must learn his lesson from this. Eto'o up front seemed to have been given a mandate, he took so few shots and played more a centre attacking player than a striker, which is when I feel he plays his best football.

Now AC Milan are fighting for a qualifying position in the Champions League. Maybe a year in the Cup wouldn't be the worse thing for them while the rebuild. I back them 100% in the derby against Inter but if they draw or even loose they have come back well.

I've seen enough english football and while I think Man Unt are the best squad in that league, their style of play just isn't something I can say I'm a fan of, I'd have to say that I think Arsenal are the team in the league I can follow and enjoy watching. So next season I hope they continue with their style as I'll be following them.

Milan look to make some changes and this season they weren't their style wasn't all there with the team aging but with Pato, Kaka, Gourcuff (if he stays) and maybe a 2 or 3 new faces they could be back to normal. Or at least be able to maintain the form they have had recently.

Two big big derbies approaching and summer transfer season, I think Rijkaard is going to be going but I hope they let him stay as I think he has learned alot. Still, with the team he had this season Barca shouldn't be a second season without silverware. Maybe he does need to go? I don't know but if Mourinho is his replacement, then I can be happy with that as long as there is a composite of his controlled still and Barca's passing and movement. Maybe they will play with more width, who knows.

Well Played Barcelona, I enjoyed every minute of the game even if I wore a frown from the time Scholes put that beauty into the net.

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