Sunday, April 20, 2008

Remove Facebook's People You May Already Know


None of the below methods currently are working, for me at least, if/when I have some time to look at this again I'll try again and update.


Yes so what is the point of complaining if you're not going to act?

Here are two methods for removing this module if you are a Firefox user.

The first, and the one that I used, is to run a small script on your page that blogs the content of the section.
  1. Install the Greasemonkey Add-on.
  2. Go to this page.
  3. Hit "Install This Script", as you'll see it says it was written my majatt so need to fear.
Once its installed the header still appears but you don't have to see anyone you don't like.

The second method, which is simpler to execute but I'll be upfront and say I haven't bothered to test. Get Adblock Plus and add "**friend_sugge
ster.js" to the block list.

For a good laugh, go search "people you may know" in facebook and check the groups, its quite funny.


Unknown said...

hey ur second fix worked great:) thanks a lot

Kumool said...

another way i found out is
go insane closing the suggested contacts
it actually works