Monday, April 28, 2008

Operating Systems

Been on a wee bit of a break, Shari's here so I've been otherwise pre-occupied. Of course however,when I find something sufficiently infuriating I do need to vent onto the mighty internets. WHAT was Microsoft thinking when they stiched Vista together. Now I was fairly pissed when I saw Fedora 7 I was kinda disappointed. They dropped the 'core' name I really expected the package management system to be tightly integrated and more user friendly. Alas, it wasn't to be and I think for my next home distro of linux I'll be joining the Ubuntu faithful.

Back to the point, I've been disappointed by operating systems before, they are the pretty eyed women of the night who promise so much and then leave you with so little. Vista...I'm looking at you.

Firstly, I can't find anything, why was the window with network connections buried. I mean the links on the left are useful but they are in no means intuitive, I find too many things that are useful are tucked away out of sight. Generally I find the re-arrangement of sections hasn't been for the best.

Secondly, why does it use so much freaking resources...800mb of ram, no seriously. Ready boost is a nice touch though, I like it its very practical.

Thirdly, software support...Symantec whats the big Idea, people plunk down cash for symantec 10 and for vista you need endpoint 11. Talk about moving the goal post mid game! I know this is unfounded but I'd like some sort of evidence that symantec 10 coulnd't be patched up to work on Vista.

Finally, I'm being overly harsh and I know it but for the time it took, the money it costs and the emphasis being put on it I expect a little more than DX10 and easily scheduled disk defragging.

Blah! My wishlist for an OS:

Simple CUSTOMIZABLE interface - Easy for begginers but those who know can modify it to their needs. Look at what happened to office 07, the ribbon system is nice but its not for everyone so why force it?

An intuitive learning curve for the OS, not the user - No, do not enable every fraggin service at the start. Enabled the basics and as services are requested enabled to more harmless ones and give a brief basic explanation of why I should full time enable the services.

Open source - The code need not be community developed but give everybody a level playing field in terms of access to information and people build tightly integrated solutions. Then again that would be great for software in general so if one body produces their own custom service/dll for acheiving a goal multiple apps could use it rather than everybody launching their own assault on system resources.

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