Thursday, April 17, 2008

Privacy just aint what it used to be

This is taking a joke too far. Software that creeps into a p2p network and tries to find and locate people downloading content, in this case child pornography, they deem illegal.

Hang on a tick, did I just say "deem illegal" and mention child pornography in the same breath? This will give you an idea as to why, someone being prosecuted for child pornography for taking pictures of fully clothed teenagers.

With regards to tracking people my issues are just that IP addresses can be masked, hidden and re-directed. This software claims to be able to find the person's PC and identify the very computer itself rather than just some ID your Internet Service Provider gave you.

They make a reasonable argument but what happens if they decide that people who download certain kinds of music are inclined to be violent and start tracking your activity? Its one thing to try to protect people but once who can tag someone on the net via their IP correctly you follow them around. See what they bought on amazon that day, what websites they visited and what email provider they use.

Even worse is this statement
It's able to help investigators conduct undercover operations involving peer-to-peer file-sharing applications, chat rooms, Web sites, and mobile telephones.

What's next?

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